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The PumpGeekTM Is Your “Service Technician In A Box”

The PumpGeek (patent pending) monitors the conditions of your sump pump system and takes action to protect your basement from seepage and flooding.

Protect your home and avoid costly damage

The PumpGeekTM (Patent Pending) monitors the conditions and protects your basement from seepage and flooding, which can cause mold, odors, and an unhealthy environment for you and your family..

peace of mind
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Solutions for your basement

  • High Water Detection & Alert
  • Sump Pump(s) Control Override
  • Sump Pump System Self-Diagnostic
  • Battery Backup Status
  • Wi-Fi Connected LAN Platform
  • Email Alerts

Protect Your investment

Installing a PumpGeek will give you added peace of mind knowing your sump pump system will work.

“Secure the health of your basement environment”

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