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Warwick, RI

My wife and I were weeks away from moving to
our new home in Florida from Rhode Island,
for the winter in January 2020.

My only serious concern about being away from
our home was the sump pump in the basement.

We are in a flood zone and get constant water intrusion
into our basement, which I use for storage.

If the pump failed, I would have no way of knowing
and when the water level rose we would lose our heat,
in addition to everything else in the basement:
not a great thing in the winter in New England.

When my friend came over to see us she told me
about a new product her friend developed.

It was an answer to my prayers, a system that takes action if the float switch fails.
A system that alerts me if there is.a problem and sends me weekly tests
to let me know everything is alright in the basement.

Less than one month later, just days before leaving
we installed the Pump Geek.

It has performed as advertised, always communicating
the status of the entire system, giving me extreme
peace of mind while being at my second home!!

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