pump geek features
PumpGeekTM Features

PumpGeekTM Technology Provides Innovations Never Before Seen In Moisture Control

High Water Detection & Alert

The PumpGeekTM level sensor can detect high water, sound and audible alarm, and send an email notification indicating that there is a problem.

High Water Detection
              & Alert
Sump Pump(s) Control

Sump Pump(s) Control Override

When high water level occurs, the PumpGeekTM will override the system allowing the sump pump(s) to run independently until the high water level is corrected and or the sump pump system is repaired. An email notification is sent out indicating that there is a problem and that the PumpGeekTM has taken full control.

Sump Pump System Self-Diagnostic

The PumpGeekTM conducts a weekly full system self-diagnostic check and reports any issues by sending an email notification indicating the problem.

Sump Pump System
self diagnostic

Self-Diagnostic includes

  • Sump pump(s) are powered “ON” and exercised to verify (ensure)strike ensure proper operation. If a problem exists, an email notification is sent out.
  • Sump pump(s) life expectancy is measured, calculated, and reported.
  • Backup battery is tested and checked for proper voltage.
  • System power and communication is tested and verified.

Battery Backup Status

The PumpGeekTM monitors and indicates the sump pump backup battery power status.

Wi-Fi Connection for Mobile Interface & Email Alerts

It’s easy to connect compatible smart devices to the PumpGeek’sTM on-board web page interface for all status updates and system checks. The PumpGeekTM will automatically send email notifications alerting you and your service company with any issues.

Battery Backup Status