what is the pump geek
What is the PumpGeekTM

The PumpGeekTM Is Your “Service Technician In A Box”

The PumpGeekTM is a powerful computerized system with built-in sensors that monitor and protect basements by reducing the risk of having a flooded basement caused by sump pump system failures. The PumpGeekTM sends smart alerts to your email when system conditions are not normal.

automatic sump pump checking system

It truly feels like a nightmare if your sump pump isn’t working during a heavy rain storm

Have peace-of-mind knowing that your sump pump system is ready to operate when you really need it.

This Innovative Technology is like a sentinel, standing guard in your basement 24/7.

The PumpGeekTM is your “Service Technician in-a-box” constantly monitoring and checking your sump pump system. PumpGeeksTM proactive approach can help avoid damaging and costly situations.

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